Frequently Asked Questions

How can you be confident you are choosing the right roofer?

Determine  the experience of not only the roofing contractor, but also the crew  that will be completing the job.  Some contractors can sell the job, but  when it comes time to complete the job, they have inexperienced workers  on staff.  Kinsall & Son's Roofing is family owned and operated and  Mr. Kinsall has 38 years experience while his son's each have more  than 13 years experience in the roofing industry.  They take pride in  their work, which is why they feel confident in providing a 10 year  workmanship warranty. They not only want you to be happy with your roof  today, but also for years to come. 

Ensure the company is licensed

This  is the first thing you should confirm prior to considering a  contractor. Licensed contractors take an extensive test to ensure they  are aware of all Florida building codes from wind mitigation to OSHA  rules to financial responsibilities.  Licensed contractors must also  take a continuing educations class every two years to stay abreast of  changes to these codes.  Always ask to see a copy of the contractor's  license. 

Ensure the company is insured

Roofers  are required to carry both general liability and workers compensation.   You could be liable for injuries if your contractor is not insured, so  ask to see their insurance certificate.  Kinsall and Son's has over  $2,000,000 in insurance.

Ensure a building permit will be pulled for the work being performed

All  contractors should pull a building permit when work is being performed  to your residence.  The permit protects the consumer by having a  city examiner inspect the work to ensure it meets all building code  standards.     

What are signs a roof is in need of repair or replacement?

Spots  on the ceiling, peeling wallpaper and cracked paint are all indications  that a problem exists.  In many cases, the chimney, valley, a boot or a  skylight is the reason for roof failure.  Our experienced technicians  can locate the source of the damage and in most cases repair your roof  instead of having to do a full replacement.     

Missing, curling, buckling or cracking shingles are also signs of  visible roof damage.  These issues are normally the result of many years  of weather damage and/or normal wear and tear on a roof.  Unfortunately  roof problems are normally discovered well after the damage has already  occurred.  A damaged roof can lead to many other problems within the  interior of a home. Therefore, let one of our experienced technicians  access the damage and recommend important ways to improve the integrity  of your roof.  

What are some ways to maintain the integrity of your roof?

Tree  limbs and leaves are two culprits that decrease the life of your roof.   If tree limbs are touching the roof, they need to be trimmed back.   Also, leaves sitting on your roof causes moisture to accumulate and can  deteriorate the shingles. It is a good idea to periodically remove  standing leaves to extend the life of your roof.