Commercial & Residential Roofing


  • Roof Inspections  
  • Roof Replacements 
  • New Construction  
  • Shingle Roofs 
  • Modified Bitumen 
  • Flat Roofs  
  • Metal Roofs 

Roof Repairs


  • Full time Repair Staff 
  • Storm Damage Mitigation 
  • Skylight Installation 
  • Chimney Repair/Replacement 
  • Rotten Wood Replacement 
  • Ventilation Installation 

What can our roofers do for you?

Our  expert inspectors will assess your roof and determine if any defects  exist or if the life of your roof can be extended through simple  modification of maintenance. We always focus on providing you with the  most cost effective solution. Our roofing specialists will never try to  sell you more service than you need. We are honest and reliable. Our  repair staff can find potential problems and resolve them before they  cause significant damage.  If we can restore your roof, we will not try  and sell you a new one.  

Replacing your old roof? 

 If you are looking to replace your old roof or install a new roof, our trained technicians can guide you through the many options available  for protecting and beautifying your home. The right style, color and  material can make your house the envy of the neighborhood.  Whatever you  need, we are your roofing experts and always make sure the job is done  right the first time. Our focus on structural integrity, energy  efficiency, and visual appeal make us your best choice for all your  roofing needs.

Need a Rapid Response Team for storm damage mitigation? 

Weather  related emergencies are an unfortunate fact of life and can not be  avoided.  Immediate action after a weather event will limit damages and  minimize consequential damage caused by exposure to the elements.  If  your roof was damaged by a storm, the Kinsall and Son's Roofing Team  can provide immediate assistance.  Every member of our team is  experienced, knowledgeable, ready and equipped to get you back in the  dry fast!